KREZZNO makes independent analyzes for cycling tour organizations. Artificial intelligence detection software provides us with objective factual analysis. Innovate your course!


High-quality object detection

We use two methods to obtain an independent objective analysis of the safety of cycling courses.

The first is our personal recording. We record the route with good cameras.

Our second step is that we have our recordings analyzed by security detection software.

The last step is unique in the cycling world and goes further than just the conclusions of cyclists.

We work closely with our software developer.

COPO2 is the developer of the detection software. Together with them we build an optimal package. Our mission is to scan all dangerous situations and include them in our report.

COPO2's colleagues are also cyclists and marathon skaters and that contributes to the development


Click on the agenda and you will see the objects per item.

We see the smallest dangerous object!

Road reductions
Roadside stones
Road signs
Road surface type
Refuge hills
Verge edges
Road width
Fallback options
Holes in the way
White lines
Pedestrain crossings
Manhole covers
Traffic lights

Reflector cubes

The safety detection contributes to independence!