We visit your cycling track

  • Before we visit you, we study the gpx files in combination with maps.
  • We ask for your available past security- and falls information.
  • Making video of the route.
  • Selecting objects on and off the route.

  • Making an inspection report.

  • Analysis of the video.

  • Making a personal report.

  • Test the dangerous parts on the racing bike.
  • Create a computer detection report.

  • We use the analysis method that we also use for projects within the industry..
  • Receive a classified Krezzo #SafetyCyclistFirst certificate from 1 to 10 to determine how safe or unsafe your course is.

  • You can include our advice in your exercise to raise the safety level.

  • We inform the safety manager about various weather conditions in relation to safety.

  • We stand for an independent advice.

  • You can also hire us on your team to design and test routes

  • We will request your safety experiences after the race.

Here is an example of what our detection software program gives to analysis.

Please share your thoughts on our next measures to improve security. Thanks in advance!

With a complete peloton, the smaller riders often only see the back of their predecessor. A great solution for them is to hang ribbons at eye level well in front of the object to indicate which obstacle is approaching. This way they can react calmly and there is less disturbance within the peloton.

Sinalizing of objects by tensioning ribbons at eye level and starting 200 meters in front of the object

Krezzno preference is to redesign the finish street. We want to extend the fences further out. Then a space is created between the yellow lines and the fences. The riders stay within the yellow lines. Pacers may descend between the gates and the yellow lines.

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