Reduction of falls in peloton competitions

Cycling organization and federations. Improve safety for the cyclists. We help you!

Be well prepared to talk to governments and licensors.

Krezzno cut your entire route into pieces in order to be able to give a factual answer about the risk of falling there and what the impact is on objects.

Never analyze a course by feeling!

Krezzno is the first company in the world to objectively inform organizations, cycling federations and cyclists about safety with facts

We do not miss any dangerous objects due to the use of artificial intelligence.

With our actual krezzno quality mark you stand strong in your innovation to the

safest possible route. You can convince governments based on facts!

Does your organization or cycling association want to work on the safety of cycling races?

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Watch a video about our working method here.

What do you see here?  Why is it going wrong?

No longer complaining and discussing safety. Work on safety and don't delay any longer!

What can you expect from Krezzno

  • We map out the dangers for the competition management.
  • After our personal and computer analysis, we provide signaling advice to the organization.
  • The Krezzo #safetyCyclistFirst certificate provides organizations with factual information to obtain permits, municipalities and police.
  • Our working method meets the proposed working method by the UCI.
  • We use a risk analysis that is also applied within the industry.
  • We prove that our personal analysis is correct by having this proven in parallel with unique detection software.
  • We provide the parties involved with the correct information. Such as UCI, associations, race management, organization and cyclist.
  • Worldwide database of risk factors.
  • Good consultation structure with the safety management of cycling races.
  • Before every race we offer a safety video to the cyclist and team to prepare themselves well.

The benefits for organizations

  • Our analysis tells you how safe or unsafe your course is.
  • By cutting the route into pieces, we determine what the risks are in relation to impact against objects.
  • Organizations receive a Krezzno quality mark.
  • Organizations receive an factual safety analysis.
  • With this factual analysis the organization can go to the licensing authorities.
  • Dangerous roads can be avoided by actually showing how dangerous the road is.
  • Organizations receive an overview of the dangerous objects where signaling is needed.
  • Organizations can strive for an optimally safe course.
  • Cycling unions receive factual information about cycling races.

What are the costs?

We look at the costs of analysis per situation. If we know everything about each other, you will receive a suitable offer from us. 

For one-day races and stage races where the same course is used every year, we prefer to make an agreement for more years. Then we divide the costs over those years. We come to do the analysis in the first year. In the years that follow, can you show that you are going to achieve the same safety level.. You can submit this to the parties involved every year..

Signaling of our found dangerous situation.

We use 4 colored lines to indicate the signaling of dangerous objects. On the basis of our analyzes you will know exactly how many ribbons you need of a certain color. But even if you do not engage us for an analysis, you can buy your ribbons from us. Before the cyclists reach the dangerous objects, they already know what is coming!

Prevention is better than cure!

Nightmare of every cyclist. Not noticing the turn and then falling into the abyss. Unfortunately, this was done again in 2020. Hang ribbons 200 meters at eye level, so that even the small riders in the peloton can see that a bend is coming.

The same situation where a @cyclist has fallen in the Tour of Lombardy 2020

A number of @cyclists fell in this corner during the Tour de France 2020. Many riders in the peloton miss the overview to notice gentle turns. Due to an injury, a rider had to leave the Tour de France.